Deluxe Bridal Package

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Pillowcase Size:

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Material:22 momme, grade 6a 100% mulberry silk

Treat her with the Silk Works Deluxe Bridal Package. Our carefully curated selected of signature 22 momme silk includes:

x1 ivory silk robe (choice of size)
x1 ivory silk pillowcase (choice of size)
x1 large ivory silk scrunchie
x1 ivory silk eye mask


Mulberry silk is drastically less absorbent than cotton meaning your expensive products stay right where you want them, on your face and in your hair, not on the pillow.

By reducing friction between your head and the pillow sleeping on silk prevents unnecessary damage to your locks by reducing breakage which over time promotes the appearance of shinier and healthier looking hair.

Mulberry silk is temperature regulating keeping you cool on hot summer evening and warm during the winter months. This enables a deeper and more comfortably night sleep all year round.



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