Kids Silk Eye Mask

Color: Pink

Silk Works pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask for kids 

Material: 22 momme, grade 6a 100% mulberry silk with pure silk fibre filling

The Silk Works eye mask for kids has been designed with with a snugger fit for young children in mind. Handmade from 100% mulberry silk these cushioned kids sleep masks are ultra soft and cosy. The sleep mask is designed to block the light so that your child can drift off to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Whether it's for a nap during a long car journey or to help during the light summer evenings this silk eye mask is a must have to boost your little ones beauty sleep. 

Machine washable



Oeko-Tex certified: eco-friendly and non-toxic


All of our Silk Eye Masks come packaged in a beautiful gift box.

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