Recommended by dermatologists, hairdressers, makeup artists and health professionals, the use of silk has been among the best kept secrets within the beauty industry because of it’s amazing benefits to both our hair and skin.

Silk Works London use only the highest quality 6a long fibre, 100% mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme to ensure the perfect silky soft combination of durability, quality and shine.

Our Silk Scrunchie is Listed As 1 of the 5 Products Vogue’s Beauty Director Needs You To Know About

By Jessica Diner

"The scrunchie has been making a comeback, and it just so happens to be the ideal WFH hair essential too. For times when you want to tie your hair back from your face mid-Zoom (Zooming always makes me hot for some reason), the oversized silk scrunchie is kinder to your hair, as it reduces snagging and breakage, and it causes less kinking than a classic hair tie, too"

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Lady wearing ivory silk eye mask

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