Silk Works London

Founded by sisters Laura & Lydia, Silk Works London is a contemporary wellbeing brand known for their carefully crafted collection of pure mulberry silk pillowcases, scrunchies & accessories dedicated to beautiful hair & skin.

"With our Persian heritage blessing (well let’s face it mostly cursing) us with thick curly hair, we grew up with the conversation of ‘frizz’ becoming an almost daily obsession. Our grandmother always swore by sleeping on a silk pillowcase as her secret weapon to anti-ageing and healthy locks which naturally fuelled our interest into how this could possibly happen and what makes the material so special.

Over the process of creating our brand we have discovered that whilst silk really does have some unique qualities to improving the quality of both our hair and skin, unless you are using a high quality silk you’re unlikely to experience this magic. It’s for this reason that all of our products are carefully crafted with the highest grade (6a) long fibre, 100% mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme to ensure the perfect silky soft combination of durability, quality and shine. 

With the majority of silk products you come across online being only 19 momme or less, means our products give you 20% more luxurious silk per square inch and with continued use result in boosted hydration levels, silky soft frizz free hair and glowing skin."

Laura studied Civil Engineering at
Durham University and has worked in
aviation for over 10 years whilst always secretly thinking about hair..

Lydia studied Luxury Goods and Services at the University of Monaco
and has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years whilst testing almost every anti-frizz product ever invented..