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Silk Works London Pillowcases

"Slinky, ultra-soft, and name-checked by many a famous face (Victoria Beckham, Gisele and Cindy Crawford included), the silk pillowcase is a bedtime treat that holds far more benefits than its shiny surface lets on. Making the swap from regular cotton to a silk number can help improve hair and skin health – and extend the life of your hairstyle by an extra day, which is handy. In fact, speaking to Vogue last year, Crawford revealed that her secret to making a blow-dry last for days was using “silk pillowcases. And put your hair in a loose bun overnight."

Silk Works London Silk Pillowcases available Here

Silk Pillowcase

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The Silk Works London Leopard Scrunchie

"It arrived in a fabric drawstring pouch, which we kept for handy storage between use. Being made of pure mulberry silk, it means the hair tie helps prevent breakage, which can be usefully gentle during any post-partum hair loss too. We use it to secure our locks in place without any tightness either. Its smooth texture didn’t leave any annoying scrunchie kinks, which made retaining our wavy style much easier."

Silk Works London Leopard Scruchie available Here


Silk pillowcases are here to save your skin (and hair!), so here are the best to help keep maskne and bed head at bay

Silk Works Pillowcase in Glamour


Silk Works London Silk Pillowcase

"If you find your skin dries out easily, or you're often waking up to bed head in the morning (same here), a silk pillowcase could be the beauty hack you've been looking for. You'll likely be aware of how beneficial wearing a silk face mask is - especially when it comes to avoiding 'maskne' - but silk can work a treat elsewhere, too. Yep: even when it comes to your bedding."

Silk Works London Silk Pillowcase available Here

The 5 Products Vogue’s Beauty Director Needs You To Know About This Week

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Silk Works London in Vogue


Silk Works London Scrunchies

"The scrunchie has been making a comeback, and it just so happens to be the ideal WFH hair essential too. For times when you want to tie your hair back from your face mid-Zoom (Zooming always makes me hot for some reason), the oversized silk scrunchie is kinder to your hair, as it reduces snagging and breakage, and it causes less kinking than a classic hair tie, too."

Silk Works London Silk Scrunchies available Here

Silk Scrunchies

12 joyful hair accessories to immediately make you feel festive

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Silk Works London Christmas Scrunchies - "Best festive hair accessory"

"Silk Works London scrunchies are more than just festive adornments, the cleverly crafted hair accessories also reduce hair breakage and split ends while retaining your hairs natural moisture."

Read the full article and see why Silk Works is the Best Festive Hair Accessory

Mixed Christmas Scrunchie

Beauty Director Joely Walker shares the new launches giving her joy

Silk Works London in Grazia


Silk Works London Large Silk Scrunchie

"I've had this Silk Works London Large Silk Scrunchie in Ivory, £12, on my wrist or bundled up in my hair every single day for the last month. A new forever find."

Silk Works London Single Large Scrunchies available Here

Large Silk Scrunchie

Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway 2020!

Lisa Eldridge
Silk Works London in Lisa Eldridge


Silk Works London Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

"This is just a real luxury. It’s something that will last forever really. I’ve had silk pillowcases that I’ve had for years, just wash them in cold water and they’ll be fine and its just really nice because your hair doesn’t get frizzy if you sleep on a Silk Pillowcase. I sleep every night on my right side and it just stops you from getting those deep indentations on your face and it feels nice aswell."

Silk Works London Mulberry Silk Pillowcases available Here

Silk Pillowcase

Beauty Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Gifts At Every Price For The Hair And Make-Up Obsessives

Silk Works London Ivory Pillowcase


Silk Works London Ivory Pillowcase

"From seriously indulgent Dior glitter nail varnish and the largest Anya Hindmarch candle ever, to Miu Miu's mirrored pastel pink perfume and the NARS lipstick you need in your life, these are the best Christmas hair and make-up gifts ideal for every beauty obsessive in your life."

Silk Works London Silk Pillowcase available Here

Silk Works Ivory Pillowcase

20 Beauty Buys Under £20

Silk Works London in Sheerluxe


Silk Works London, Pack of 3 Skinny Scrunchies

"You can’t move for silk masks, pillowcases and hair ties these days, but not all are created equal. New lifestyle brand Silk Works London’s chic offering uses the highest grade 6A long fibre of mulberry silk – aka, the gentlest kind for skin and hair. Our favourite? These soft, stretchy hair ties eliminate ponytail kinks, reduce snagging and breakage, while also preventing split ends. Essential for anyone who ties their hair up a lot, they make for a great stocking filler, too."

Silk Works London Skinny Scrunchies available Here

Skinny Silk Scrunchies

47 incredible luxury gifts for women to gift this Christmas across fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Silk Works London in Glamour Magazine


Silk Works London Silk Pillowcase

"Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a tough one all round; the pandemic pressures that have come from this year have affected us all, with our mental health especially taking a knock. So as we near the end of the year, we’re all looking at Christmas to be the saving grace of the year (no pressure Santa). The festive season is about so much more than gifts and many of us are living with more financial pressures than ever, but if you are looking to splash out for that special woman in your life, we’re pretty sure she’d be ecstatic to find anything from our luxury gift guide under the tree."

Silk Works London Silk Pillowcase available Here

Silk Pillowcase

The beauty insiders secrets to getting thicker, healthier hair over 40

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Silk Works London in The Guardian


Silk Works London Scrunchie

"Speaking of eurekas, as you get older everyone should use some kind of volumising product to give hair some root lift as it makes hair appear thicker and healthier and provides an illusionary face lift. Color Wow’s Raise the Root, £19, is a godsend. I spray it from underneath and work it through my hair from the bottom upwards, rather than dumping it all on to the root area which can make hair sticky. When I’m working I tie my hair up but pulling my hair band off takes a few of my hairs with it, so I’ve found this amazingly soft silk scrunchy by Silk Works London that just slips off – it has reduced damage dramatically."

Silk Works London Silk Scrunchies available Here

Large Silk Scrunchie