Five Ways A Silk Pillowcase Will Boost Your Beauty Sleep Regime

After a long and tiring day, sometimes all you want to do is sit back, relax and pamper yourself, are we right? So, what better way to do that than to dive straight into your beauty sleep regime and rest your head on a luxurious silk pillowcase?

Leaves Your Skin Feeling Clear And Refreshed

Let's say that you want your face to look clear and feel fully refreshed every morning when you wake up, your choice of pillowcase is the most important thing to consider. In fact, science has proven that on average, your face comes into more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric.

Though you may think that a pillowcase is simply just a pillowcase, investing in the wrong fabrics can really take its toll on your face and more importantly, it can cause the oils in your pores to build up and increase the risk of break-outs and blemishes. 

Helps To Prevent The Dreaded Split Ends

We are all familiar with those dreaded split ends, right? Split ends feel awful and will only worsen if you continue to ignore them. If you are tired of waking up every morning with tangled hair and split ends, you should seriously consider changing to a luxury pillowcase; you will soon feel the benefits

One of the best natural properties of silk is its smooth surface, helping to prevent tangled or messy hair and even damage such as split ends! For your hair, it really does pay to include a silk pillowcase in your beauty sleep regime. 

Reduces Your Exposure To Harmful Chemicals

Though you may not realise it, we constantly come into contact with chemicals that do no good for our beauty regimes, but there are ways of which you can reduce that exposure and finally get that perfect night’s sleep you have been craving.

Unlike other fabrics, silk is produced by domesticated silkworms that are pampered throughout their life, which helps them to produce a fine silk fabric with very little chemical exposure. While many other fabrics are often produced using chemically intensive crops that rely on pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments before they are turned into pillowcases and bedding. 

Silk Is A Natural Hypoallergenic 

Another benefit of silk is that it has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, along with other allergens. With this in mind, silk is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling healthy, clear and fully refreshed every morning. 

They Offer Fantastic Value For Your Money

Compared to other fabrics, silk is by far the most luxurious and has the most benefits for your health and beauty sleep regime. According to skin care experts, there is no part of your bedding that is more important than your pillowcase, so investing in a silk pillowcase is something you should definitely consider. 

A pure silk pillowcase offers the best quality fabric for the most important part of your beauty sleep experience, not to mention how comfortable they are. For such a small investment, your silk pillowcase will have an incredible impact on your hair and skin.   

The Silk Works London Pillowcase Range

If you are considering improving your beauty sleep regime, Silk Works London is here to help! We have a complete range of luxurious pure silk pillowcases for you to choose from, including individual luxury pillowcases and our exclusive silk pillowcase gift set. Browse our entire range online today.

Our silk pillowcase gift set would make the perfect gift for all of our fellow silk lovers, or perhaps you know somebody who is prone to damaged hair or split ends that would easily reap the benefits of our silk pillowcase gift set.

If you have any queries regarding our silk pillowcase range, please get in touch by emailing us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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