Improve your beauty sleep

Top tips to improve your beauty sleep 


Experts claim we spend a 3rd of our life in bed. This means that by the time we reach 80 that’s a jaw dropping 26 and a half years underneath the sheets! However in today’s world it can be difficult to switch off, sometimes it feels that an undisturbed night’s slumber is something most of us can only dream about as shocking studies indicate that almost a 3rd of the population suffers with insomnia with this statistic on the up. Thankfully there are multiple ways of combating the dreaded 2am mindless phone scrolling and angry sheet shoving tantrums to ensure you’re maximising on that all important beauty sleep.


Create a peaceful sleeping environment 

Minimise screen time after 9pm, the only glare should be from your aromatherapy candles as you prepare to sleep. Studies indicate that the blue light emitted from our phones, TV’s and laptops can delay the release of that all important chemical melatonin which is necessary in order for our bodies to sleep. Whilst we’re all different studies indicate that keeping your room slightly cooler prepares the body for a deeper and longer sleep. Sleeping on a Silk Works pure silk pillowcase will also help you stay cool with it’s built in temperature regulating properties. 



Meditation is essentially the practice of purposely focussing or quieting the mind through slow intentional breathing  in a process which creates physiological changes in the body similar to those which occur as we relax and fall to sleep. This involves a decrease in blood pressure as the pulse gradually slows down and stress hormones diminish. Practise getting into a routine which allows you 5 or 10 minutes before bed for some mindful breathing to quiet your mind. With less thoughts buzzing around in your head before you hit the pillow you’ll be more equipped to mentally and physically ‘turn off’ and altogether drift away drama free.  



There’s a substantial amount of scientific research to support the claim that exercise enhances our quality of sleep. The idea behind this is largely because exercise releases endorphins and reduces our cortisol levels. Since stress is a major factor contributing to our lack of sleep, taking the time to do a 30 minute yoga class or whatever it is that you enjoy the most can seriously help keep anxiety levels under control and aid natural sleep patterns. 


Wear an Eye Mask 

With disturbances like noise and light making it difficult for many of us to achieve unbroken sleep throughout the night eye masks are the ultimate must have. This is because when the brain senses darkness it automatically induces the production of melatonin - the sleep hormone. Silk Works 100% pure mulberry silk eye masks are designed to be kind to your eyes and sensitive to the skin being the ultimate in luxury bedtime accessories for the light sleeper. 


Sweet dreams!

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