Silk Momme: Everything To Know About The Sumptuous Silk Threads

Silk is the epitome of elegance and luxury. But have you ever wondered about the secret behind its sumptuousness? Well, let’s just say that much of the magic is in the momme.

What is Momme in Silk?
If you've ever wondered what the term ‘momme’ means in relation to silk, let's demystify it now. Momme refers to the weight and quality of silk fabric, and is pronounced ‘mom-ee.’ Momme is a measurement that signifies the weight in pounds of a piece of silk fabric measuring 45 inches by 100 yards. In simpler terms, momme is the density and thickness of silk; the higher the momme count, the denser and more luxurious and quality silk fabric.

In the journey through textile history, the term ‘momme’ emerged from the artistic traditions of Japan and became the recognized standard for measuring the density of silk fabric. The momme count serves as an indicator of how tightly the silk is woven, with higher-momme counts representing a greater amount of silk used per square inch.

Here's an intriguing fact: a single strand of silk fiber is approximately 1/10th the thickness of a human hair. Despite its delicate appearance, silk possesses an incredible strength that rivals steel of the same diameter, making it the strongest natural fiber in existence. This unique combination of fine threads and exceptional strength sets silk apart as a truly remarkable material in the world of textiles.

Momme is an essential factor to consider when selecting silk products, as it directly impacts the durability, softness, and overall luxuriousness of the material. Momme is like the heartbeat of natural silk—it sets the tone for the ultimate silk experience depending on the intended application

Exploring the Lustrous Realm of Silk Fabric
Silk is a natural fiber derived from the cocoons of silkworms, and renowned for its smooth, soft texture, and exquisite sheen. The natural properties of silk create a comfortable, breathable experience; it helps regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture, which is particularly great for sleep, and it’s resistant to dust mites and other common allergens. Whether it's raw silk fabric or refined silk, this luxurious material is a true gift from nature.

Why 22 Momme Silk Pillowcases?
When it comes to silk pillowcases, the 22 momme silk variety reigns supreme. This particular momme count strikes the perfect balance between durability and opulence, providing a gentle and smooth surface that reduces friction for delicate facial skin and hair, minimizing the appearance of sleep creases and hair tangles.

Silk Works Pillowcase: Where Beauty Meets Luxury
Silk Works pillowcases are luxurious pillowcases made from high-quality, pure mulberry silk. With their exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, they are designed to offer benefits for both the hair and skin, with their smooth and gentle surface helping to minimize hair breakage, frizz, and sleep creases. The natural moisture-retaining properties of silk help keep the skin hydrated, resulting in a refreshed complexion.

Silk Works pillowcases come in various sizes and designs, adding elegance to your silk bed linen. They provide a premium beauty sleep experience over a cotton pillowcase, combining luxury and functionality; Silk Works pillowcases typically have a momme count ranging from 19 to 25, ensuring a luxurious and durable fabric you can enjoy for many years.

Is There Any Such Thing as Too Much Momme?
While a higher-momme count is often associated with luxurious and durable silk fabric, it is possible to have a momme count that is too high for certain applications. Here's why:

Weight and Thickness
A higher-momme silk tends to be denser and thicker, which can result in a heavier fabric. While this may be desirable for some uses like silk bedding, it can be less suitable for certain clothing or accessories where lightweight silk is preferred.

Flexibility and Drapability
Silk with an excessively high-momme count may lack the desired flexibility and drapability. It can be stiff and less fluid, restricting movement and hindering the natural flow of the fabric. This can affect the comfort and overall aesthetic of garments, particularly those that require ease of movement or a delicate drape.

Temperature Regulation
Silk is known for its breathability and temperature-regulating properties, which is why real silk bedding is so popular. However, extremely high-momme silk may have reduced breathability, trapping heat and hindering airflow. This can make it less comfortable in warmer climates or during hot seasons.

As the momme count increases, the cost of the silk fabric generally rises. Very high-momme silk can be significantly more expensive, making it less accessible or practical for everyday use or larger projects.

It's essential to consider the specific requirements of your intended use when selecting a momme count. While higher-momme silk is often associated with premium quality and durability, it's important to strike a balance that aligns with the desired characteristics and purpose of the fabric.

Unlocking the Beauty Benefits
Beyond the realm of comfort, momme silk offers a range of skincare benefits that elevate your beauty routine. Its smooth and gentle texture minimizes friction, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and hair breakage. Moreover, higher-momme silk's natural moisture retention properties help keep your skin hydrated throughout the night, preventing moisture loss and leaving you with a refreshed and radiant complexion after a good night’s beauty sleep.

Lady wearing a large navy blue mulberry silk scrunchie in her hair.

Did you know that this exquisite fabric contains a remarkable composition of 18 amino acids, mirroring the very structure of our own hair? It's like a match made in beauty heaven! Silk's protein structure, known as keratins, makes it a biodynamic fabric with incredible benefits for the skin. And don't just take our word for it; scientific research has got our back on this one.

The Art of Caring for High Momme Silk
Caring for high-momme silk is crucial to ensure its longevity and maintain its luxurious qualities. Here are some essential tips and washing instructions to help you care for and preserve your high-momme silk items:
  • Gentle Handwashing or Delicate Cycle: High-momme silk is delicate, and it's best to hand wash it or use a machine's delicate cycle with cold water. Avoid harsh detergents and opt for a mild silk-specific detergent instead. Gently agitate the fabric and rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.
  • Avoid Bleaching and Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals, including bleach, can damage the silk fibers and affect its color and texture. Always use a gentle, silk-friendly detergent and fabric softener, and avoid any bleach or harsh cleaning agents.
  • Dry Cleaning for Delicate Items: For very heavy silk or particularly delicate high-momme silk items, such as intricate garments or heavily embellished pieces, professional dry cleaning may be the safest option. Consult a reputable dry cleaner experienced in handling silk fabrics to ensure proper care.
  • Air Drying in the Shade: After washing, avoid wringing or twisting the silk fabric, as this can cause it to lose its shape or stretch. Instead, gently press out excess water and lay the silk flat on a clean towel. Roll the towel and silk together to absorb moisture, then carefully unroll and reshape the fabric. Finally, allow it to air dry in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
  • Ironing with Care: If ironing is necessary, use a low heat setting and place a clean, cotton cloth between the iron and the silk fabric to prevent direct heat contact. Iron on the reverse side of the fabric or use a pressing cloth to protect delicate prints or embellishments.
  • Proper Storage: Store your high-momme silk items in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or damage. Avoid hanging silk garments, as this can lead to stretching. Instead, fold them carefully and place them in a breathable fabric storage bag or drawer.
  • Avoid Contact with Rough Surfaces: Be cautious when wearing or handling high-momme silk to avoid contact with rough surfaces or sharp objects that may snag or pull the delicate fibers. Remove jewelry or accessories that may cause friction or damage to the fabric.

Everyday Luxury with 22 Momme Mulberry Silk
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