The top 5 magical benefits of a Silk Works pillowcase for your hair and skin

Silk pillowcases are now a constant feature in any top beauty magazine; with dermatologists, hairdressers and makeup artists all urging you to ditch your old cotton comfys and make the switch, but why exactly? Not all silk pillowcases are made equal so read on to discover the top 5 surprising benefits that the Silk Works pure mulberry silk pillowcase will bring to your beauty sleep.

1. The anti-aging effect

All Silk Works pillowcases are expertly crafted from the finest 22 momme, grade 6a 100% pure mulberry silk. This means your Silk Works pillowcase will feel thicker and more luxurious than other silk pillowcases on the market. Mulberry silk is a natural material and contains vital proteins (sericin and fibroin) and 18 amino acids which are absorbed by your skin whilst you sleep to promote cell regeneration and repair whilst increasing your skin’s hydration giving you that morning glow. As such after sleeping on a Silk Works pillowcase you should notice your skin feels firmer and has an improvement in elasticity levels.

2. Smoother hair

Silk Works pillowcases were voted the best for hair smoothing in the 2021 Independent Indy Best awards. The super smooth surface of our 22 momme pure mulberry silk allows your hair to freely glide over the pillowcase whilst you sleep meaning you’re less likely to wake up with tangles and dreaded bed-head. Traditional cotton pillowcases in comparison promote far greater friction, tugging and pulling your hair while you sleep which can lead to increased frizz and morning tangles. 

3. Acne prevention

The hypoallergenic nature of our mulberry silk means that it’s naturally resistant to dust mites, moulds and other allergens. Along with it being less absorbent than cotton your Silk Works pillowcase will hold less dirt and grime with repetitive use helping to reduce those acne breakouts. The smooth surface of silk means that friction is reduced between your face and the pillowcase lowering the chances of skin irritation and infection which often lead to acne flare ups. All of our silk is dyed with non-toxic dyes making it the perfect choice for babies and toddlers or anyone with sensitive skin. We hold the world renowned Oeko-tex certification to standard 100 which means all of our silk has been tested and free from any substances that can be harmful to health or the environment.

4.  Hydrated, healthy hair

As Silk Works pillowcases are less absorbent than cotton they are a must have for curly, dry and brittle hair prone to breakage. By allowing the moisture to stay where it’s needed our silk pillowcases help to maintain a healthy, hydrated scalp which is important to boost stronger, healthier has and has even been known to prevent hair loss. Many top hospitals are now recommending silk to cancer patients as chemotherapy can damage the hair follicles and cause hair to fall out. Silk soothes and helps maintain a healthy scalp, protecting the fragile, most delicate strands of hair during regrowth.

5. No more sleep creases

Have you ever woken up with sleep lines on your face which can lead to premature ageing? Sleeping on the smooth surface of a Silk Works pure 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase can minimise the appearance of sleep creases upon waking which have been linked to premature wrinkle formation by research. This occurs by reducing the amount of friction and pressure on your face as you roll across the pillow during sleep. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Silk Works and banish those unwelcome sleep creases for good.

If by reading the above you’ve been converted to switch to silk, or are just curious to know what all the fuss is about, Silk Works London offers the finest range in pure 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcases. Click here to browse our collection today

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