Kids Silk Pillowcase

Color: Ivory

Silk Works 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Kids

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Material: 22 momme, Grade 6a 100% mulberry silk 

The Silk Works Kids Silk Pillowcase allow your child's delicate baby hair to glide smoothly over the pillow's surface reducing excessive friction often caused by the regular cotton alternative. As a result hair remains tangle and frizz free minimising those dreaded morning tantrums. Along with silk's natural hypoallergenic qualities, Silk Works kids pillowcases are the perfect choice for your little ones.

Size: 60cm x 40cm (Standard Toddler)

Delicate on sensitive skin

Improves sleep through regulating temperature

Naturally hypoallergenic

60cm x 40cm (standard toddler)


All of our silk pillowcases come packaged in a beautiful gift box

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