10 Amazing Reasons To Switch To Silk Scrunchies

Scrunchies first made their way onto the scene back in the 80’s and 90’s however shortly after lost their appeal when fashion turned it’s attention to the more understated skinny elastic alternatives. That’s until now. Love them or hate them the scrunchie is back and there’s actually a lot of reasons why this is one trend that might be worth you investing in..

  1. Scrunchies are kinder to your head and scalp eliminating tension headaches caused by tight elastic hair bands
  2. Our beautiful Silk Works scrunchies are designed to slip and slide over your ponytail significantly reducing damage caused by friction and snagging associated with regular hair ties
  3. A curly girl’s dream.. If you have fragile, coarse or curly hair which is particularly prone to damage silk scrunchies do more than just preventing damage- they are actually good for your hair! This is because silk is protein based and contains amino acids that will help your hair to retain moisture whilst promoting growth.
  4. Scrunchies are bigger than a basic hair tie and so more difficult to lose!
  5. You’ll never find an elastic hair tie that looks this good on your wrist.
  6. Scrunchies don’t dig into your hair leaving nasty kinks and split ends, even after prolonged wear.
  7. Recommended by hairdressers silk scrunchies will drastically improve the life of your extensions by reducing friction and grip.
  8. Scrunchies are everywhere on the runways, so you’re basically a model..
  9. Silk Works scrunchies can be enjoyed by everyone in the family and all hair types. In case you didn’t know all of our silk products are Oeko Tex standard 100 certified and follow strict quality guidelines including the use of non- toxic dyes and so are the safest option for your little ones. 
  10. No more tangle tantrums! Silk Works hair scrunchies can be worn all night long without knotting their way into your mane, instead it will just slip straight out drama free, protecting and hydrating your hair in the meantime.

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