5 Ways Silk Scrunchies Will Boost Your Beauty Regime

Did you know that wearing a silk scrunchie can have a positive impact on your daily beauty regime? We believe that we have the perfect remedy to cure those split ends!

There are so many other options to get that beautiful shiny hair back, giving your beauty regime the boost that you may feel it needs. Here are five wonderful ways that silk hair scrunchies will boost your beauty regime!

Silk Scrunchies Are Kinder To Hair

Healthy hair is by far the most important part of every beauty regime, so keeping it under control is crucial, wouldn’t you agree? We all know the struggle! But what if we told you that switching from a regular elastic band to a silk scrunchie would be the best decision you will ever make? It’s true, silk scrunchies are so much kinder to hair than ordinary elastic bands. 

Wearing a silk scrunchie for hours on end won’t cause any hair damage, while your average skinny hair bobble can put too much pressure on your hair and cause split ends or even dry and heavily damaged hair for that matter.

Your Outfit Will Always Be Complete

Gone are the days of pinning your hair back with an elastic band and getting frustrated that your outfit just doesn’t match your updo; silk scrunchies will complete any look! And who doesn’t love an outfit that matches? We sure do! 

Spend Less Money On Hair Repair Treatments

We all know that normal hair bobbles are the number one reason for snagged and damaged hair and you may often find yourself having to book in at the salon for those costly hair repair treatments. But when using silk hair ties, there’s no need to spend unnecessarily on salon bookings; you will notice your healthier hair straight away! 

Silk hair scrunchies can be bought for at least a quarter of the cost of one hair treatment, so essentially you are saving so much money by switching from skinny elastic bobbles to your new silk hair scrunchie. 

Adds Sericin To Promote Healthy Hair 

One of the best things about silk is that it’s a natural hypoallergenic, which releases a chemical called sericin that promotes healthy skin and hair. With this in mind, regular use of silk hair scrunchies will add that beautiful shine to your hair that you have been longing for since your last hair treatment appointment. Silk is the key to a happier, healthier you

They Are Well Worth Their Price! 

Lastly, buying a silk scrunchie won’t break your bank balance! You can find silk hair ties in high street shops all around the world, but at Silk Works London, we have created the perfect blend of elegance and fashion and combined them with fantastic value for money. Our silk scrunchies are one of a kind and are guaranteed to do wonders for your hair! 

For more details on our full range of scrunchies, please feel free to get in touch with team SWL by emailing us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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